德国建筑师和设计师安德烈•韦伯于1980年毕业于慕尼黑建筑与城市规划学院,之后开始建筑师的实践,然后转向以Andreas Weber Wohndesign的名义生产和销售自己的灯具和家俱系列。他曾与许多国际公司合作过,其中包括克里斯汀克内科室内设计和BW-Bielefeider Werkstätten 。自2011年以来,他一直在为Treca Interiors Paris设计。

Andreas Weber
The German architect and designer Andreas Weber graduated from the Munich Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in 1980 and then took charge of an architect’s practice before turning to the production and distribution of his own range of lamps and furniture under the name of Andreas Weber Wohndesign.  He has worked with a large number of international companies including Christine Krönke Interior Design and BW-Bielefeider Werkstätten. He has been creating designs for Treca Interiors Paris since 2011.