Eric Gizard finds his inspiration and sources in the contemporary Decorative Arts. Passionate about contemporary design without ignoring the past, he undertakes distinctly diverse projects to which he brings very personal solutions that always bear the hallmark of his unique style.
Strong contrasts, fusion of materials and colors, creation of a chiaroscuro effect, and a judicious combination of tradition and modernity – these are the distinctive characteristics of his style.
As an assiduous explorer of design from around the world, his broad range of interests and talents has led him to work on a variety of different projects: apartments and boutiques in Japan; tea-rooms in Korea; offices in Shanghai, the commercial environment of luxury brands of cosmetics in Asia, private residences and hospitality projects in Europe: presidential spaces and boutiques in Paris, The interior design concept of the printemps department store in Deauville.
His taste for juxtaposition and eclecticism has led him to develop a viatality in design by creating simple shapes, responding to the contemporary principles of lightness, fluidity and clarity. In addition to the creation of furniture lines for publishers, he is also involved in the design of tableware, lighting and objets d’art for the table, for large French luxury houses.