曾是Baonnat私立学校的学生(与Boule学校合作),完成了许多私人住宅和城镇豪宅的室内设计和装修项目。自2003年以来,她通过为Pierre Frey和Pierre Frey公司等制造商设计了家具和灯具系列,为Treca Interiors Paris设计新家具系列,扩展了她的艺术领域。

Sandrine CHOLLET
Sandrine CHOLLET, a former pupil of the Baonnat private school (in partnership with the Boule School), has completed numerous interior design and decoration projects for private residences and town mansions. Since 2003, she has extended her artistic sphere by designing lines of furniture and lighting fixtures for manufacturers such as the Pierre Frey and Hugues Chevailier companies and for the new furniture collection of Treca Interiors Paris.